The UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) came into existence shortly after the Gambling Act of 2005 was passed. Two years later, in 2007, the commission was given full powers, allowing it to take over responsibility from the ‘Gaming Board for Great Britain.’ Today, apart from spread betting, the UKGC governs many types of gambling, including casinos, betting, slot machines, lotteries, arcades and bingo.

Opening An Online Casino In The UK

In the year 2017, the commission entered the UK online casino marketing as a regulating body. Since then, it has put in place some of the most stringent rules and robust standards, which are to be met by a gambling operator to be able to obtain a license for opening an online gambling site in England, Scotland or Wales. UK Gambling Commission is also responsible for regulating remote gambling such as betting by telephone or other devices in Great Britain.

What Are UKGC’s Main Responsibilities?

The main responsibility of the UKGC is to keep gambling fair and free of crime. It also assumes the responsibility of keeping the gambling industry transparent and tries to keep children and vulnerable people away from it. The commission is also responsible for granting licenses to new online casino operators, levying fines and revoking licenses for wrongdoings. It also has the power to investigate and prosecute illegal gambling.

Does UKGC Manage Complaints?

No, the UK Gambling Commission does not deal with customer complaints. This is one of the major drawbacks that UKGC should address as soon as possible. Presently, all the complaints are directed to the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) services used by the operator and the fate of the resolution depends on how diligent the ADR is. This is one parameter that the UKGC should re-consider if it wishes to enjoy the trust of the gamblers across the world.

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